X4: Exitcode 1003 (UI system initialization error)

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You have landed on this page because the game detected an error while attempting to start.

The issue occurs because the UI system failed to be initialized.

Interfering third-party tools

One possible cause for this problem is third-party software interfering with the game trying to load the required DLLs. The DLL that the game tries to load is located under ui/core/lualibs and is called utf8_64.dll. If the game is prevented from loading the DLL, it won't start and will instead terminate with this exitcode. Check whether you have any such third-party tools installed, and see whether disabling them solves the issue.

Missing or damaged utf8_64.dll

To rule out a possible missing or damaged DLL, please verify the game file integrity as described in this Wiki entry.

Mods breaking the options menu script

The options menu script is a vital part of the UI, which also provides the start menu functionality. If a mod breaks that script, this exitcode is expected and the popup error will state the following message:

Initialized UI but addon 'ego_gameoptions' is not loaded.

To solve this problem either fix the bug which breaks the script or remove the problematic mod.

Further Support

If you are certain that no third-party software is interfering with the game and the file integrity is reported as good, please do the following:

  • start the game with the additional command line parameter: /windowed /logfile log.txt
  • verify that the log.txt file was created in the X4 My documents folder (same location as where savegames are stored)
  • send a mail to prioritysupport@egosoft.com (Subject: Exitcode 1003). In the mail please attach the following information:
    • the log.txt which was created above
    • a screenshot of the popup which shows the exitcode
    • state whether you performed the file integrity check or not
    • state whether you are using third-party (security) tools (and which ones), and whether you tried to run the game without these being enabled
    • state whether you have any mod(s) installed and provide a list of these mods (if any)
    • state when the issue occurs for you (in other words: whether you experience this as a startup problem where the game doesn't start at all, or whether it crashes in-game)

We will then get back to you with further steps to track down the cause of the issue.

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