X Catalog Tool

Last modified by StoatsNotGoats on 2023/08/15 12:09

The X Catalog Tool allows players to extract and compile X-Rebirth and X4:Foundations .cat and .dat files which is necessary for all forms of modding. The tool may be run as either via a terminal or via the GUI version


  • Logged into an Egosoft account
  • X:Rebirth or X4:Foundations owned and registered to the Egosoft account

Egosoft Website Download Link: https://www.egosoft.com/download/x4/bonus_en.php

For players using Steam it is also possible to get access to the tool via the downloadable "X tools" which includes the X4/XR steam workshop tool in addition to the GUI version of the catalogue tool. Further instructions on the Steam version is available here.