Modding Support

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Many of the mods do not work on Win7.

Mods and Extensions can be used to enhance the gaming experience or even change gameplay completely. This section is for links to tools that facilitate mod/extension making and for mod/extension makers to document their projects.

Accessing Mods

External extensions (e.g. Reshade/sweetFX)

The following are some links to various libraries where extensions may be found:

Modding Support Resources

This section is targeted towards modders and aspirational modders looking to get into or refine their modding.





Enables the decompression of game files for modification and compression of mod files for implementation in-game


Allows for updating ship and other asset mods for 6.0 collisions


Allows for the conversion of X4's assets


Allows for the conversion of X4's assets


Can generate new animations for X4 from blender animations

Enables random generation of resource regions for clusters


Permits users to place surface elements on objects in a graphical manner


Accelerates custom universe creation


Creates a random universe and some of the necessary files for its proper functioning

General Vash & Celludriel

Allows for tabular editing of macros like ship and station module properties

Max Bain

Miscellaneous editing abilities to streamline mod development, especially with the generation of diff xmls automatically

Sir Nukes


General XML

Much of X4 can be modded by tampering with X4's abundant XML files, these guides and documentation cover the best practice and means to do so.

Adding Wares

Adding wares is often necessary for far more than just adding new goods to X4 with other functions involving adding ships, station modules etc.


From adding new sectors to placing objects and features inside of them, galaxy modification can be incredibly creative


Scripting in X4 is handled via the XML based Mission Director (MD) which is a derivative of the X3 MD but far more developed.

Ship Modding

For the creation of new ship models and making them work in X4 check out the following, for changing ship macro attributes have a look at the general XML guides

Weapons and Turret Modding

Character Modding

Character modding is somewhat limited as part of what tools modders have available, the main modding abilities with characters is discussed in the following guides:

Custom Paintmods

Custom Logos


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