X4: Crash caused by 'igvk64.dll'

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You landed on this page because the game crashed due to the Intel Graphics Driver issue.

Usually users who use laptops with a discrete (NVIDIA/AMD) GPU and an integrated (Intel(R) HD Graphics) GPU may run into this error. It can be caused by old drivers and the fact that the application uses an integrated graphics card instead of a discrete graphics card.

Update drivers


After updating restart your PC.

Disable Integrated Graphics Card (Temporarily)

To select the discrete GPU instead of the integrated GPU do the following:

  • Open the device manager and disable the integrated graphics card.
  • Launch X4, go to the Graphics Settings and disable the option to auto-select the GPU.
  • Exit the game and re-enable the integrated graphics in the device manager.

When next launching X4, the correct card should be selected.

Requesting further support

We are currently investigating the exact circumstances which trigger this issue. If you would like to help us to track down the exact conditions, so that we can provide specific troubleshooting steps here, please send a mail to prioritysupport@egosoft.com (Subject: Crash caused by 'igvk64.dll') with the following details:

  • a screenshot of the popup the game displayed (which shows the error code)
  • your dxdiag and Vulkaninfo (this Wiki entry explains how to retrieve them)
  • state whether the issue is persistent (i.e. it occurs every time you start the game) or just happens occasionally, or maybe even just the first time you run it
  • any additional information you might have which could hint towards the condition triggering this issue

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