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You landed on this page because the game crashed inside a Third Party DLL which injected itself into the X4 process. When DLLs inject themselves into other applications (like X4) this often causes problems, like crashes.

These DLLs which crash are NOT developed by Egosoft, but rather belong to some Third Party software installed on your machine. This is not a problem with X4 and Egosoft can not fix software which is not developed by us. These are often memory trainers/cheaters or Ingame overlays.

If you have any software in the below list installed, try updating to the latest version to see if that solves the problem, or disable it to avoid using such Tools on X4. If that doesn't work, consider uninstalling them to test if this solves the problem. Alternatively, you can contact the manufacturer of the tool in question and ask for support.

Overview of Third Party DLLs known to cause problems:
DLL Purpose Additional Notes
ezfrd64.dll Joystick Driver Details
celib_x64.dll WeMod - Tool for modding / cheating
trainerlib_x64.dll Tool for training / cheating
Overwolf Game Overlay Known to causes crashes directly on starting X4
Ansel Overlay
FPS Monitor Overlay
fpsmonvk64 FPS Overlay
WeMod Trainer/Cheating
OBS Screen/Video Capture
GoG Overlay
Steam Overlay Overlay
rtssvklayer64 RivaTuner
bdcamvk64 wwwBandicamcom Screen Capture
EReShade64.dll Post Processing Injector




If the crash occurs in 3rd-party device driver "ezfrd64.dll" you can resolve the issue, by following the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed. ezfrd64.dll is usually related to some joystick or gamepad device. If you have such a device connected to the your computer, check the vendor's webpage to see if it provides updated drivers (see the list below of known vendors making use of the ezfrd64.dll). Also make sure to use the vendor's drivers and not another customized 3rd party driver.
  2. If updating drivers didn't solve the issue, you should disconnect all gamepad/joystick devices and try to start the game. If the crash doesn't occur in this case anymore, attach the gamepad/joystick again to the machine (in case you have multiple gamepads/joystick only connect a single one). Try to restart the game. If it still crashes, you confirmed that there's an issue with the device and/or its device driver. In some cases it might help to connect the device to a different port (i.e. different USB port) and/or to cleanly reinstall the device drivers. If the crash doesn't occur anymore and you have multiple gamepads/joysticks, repeat the step connecting the next gamepad/joystick. Repeat this, until you have all devices connected again.
  3. If the previous steps didn't solve the issue, you can contact the vendor of your device and ask for support pointing out that running the game triggers a crash in the device driver. As proof of the defect you can attach the crash dump file the game created (see this page with details on how to locate the dump file on your drive).

Following is a list of devices which were reported to us causing crashes in ezfrd64.dll (some of them in X Rebirth however). If your device is in this list, try to update the device driver to the listed one (or a later, if available). If your device is not in the list, we'd appreciate receiving a mail with the details described below so we can add it to this list here.

Device Latest available driver vendor's driver page
SpeedLink Phantom Hawk Flightstick 1.3 https://www.speedlink.com/en/Gaming/PC-Gaming/Joysticks/PHANTOM-HAWK-FLIGHTSTICK-BLACK.html
SpeedLink Xeox Pro Analog Gamepad 1.0 https://www.speedlink.com/en/Gaming/PC-Gaming/XEOX-PRO-ANALOG-GAMEPAD-USB-BLACK.html
Trust GXT 555 Predator Joystick 3.0 https://www.trust.com/en/product/20567-gxt-555-predator-joystick

If none of the steps described above solved the issue (or if you run into this problem with a device not listed here), feel free to send a mail to prioritysupport@egosoft.com (Subject: "X4 - ezfrd64.dll crash") to ask for further support. Please attach the following information to your mail:

  • describe when the issue occurs (f.e. when starting the game)
  • provide a list of all gamepads/joysticks attached to your system and state whether the crash still occurs with all of the gamepads/joysticks physically detached from your machine (if you followed the steps above and were able to identify the problematic device, please list that one explicitly)
  • the dxdiag (see this wiki entry for a description on how to get the dxdiag)
  • the crashdump the game created in your game folder










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