X4: Exitcode 210 (Vulkan Create Surface Failed)

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You have landed on this page because the game detected an error while attempting to start.

The issue occurs because the game failed to initialize a Vulkan surface, used for rendering. This can happen in the case of an "unusual setup". First, create a dxdiag/vulkaninfo. This Wiki entry explains how to create this information.

Look for the current mode and native mode in the dxdiag. Typically current should not exceed native.

Example of current exceeding native, leading to ExitCode 210
Current Mode: 5760 x 1200 (32 bit) (59Hz)
Native Mode: 2000 x 1000(p) (59.942Hz)

If you have an Immersive Display Pro setup (using multiple projectors to have a 160 degree curved projection screen) you will end up in the situation where current exceeds native. If Immersive is not running, X4 should start normally.

As a workaround for this specific case:

  • run X4 and in the graphics settings change to “borderless window” mode
  • disable the option “start with windows” in “Immersive Display Pro”
  • start X4, wait for the start menu
  • ALT-Tab to desktop, and start “Immersive Display Pro”
  • go back with ALT-Tab to X4

If you still encounter this problem, please send a mail to prioritysupport@egosoft.com (Subject: Exitcode 210) with a screenshot of the popup error and your dxdiag and vulkaninfo attached.

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